15 July 2009

I want my baby back... ribs

With barbecue sauce!
Sammy's 1 month "birthday" fast approaches. I cannot believe how much he's changed in the past 4 weeks. Wow! Our little man is growing up so fast! I never thought I'd be the cheesy person saying that, but here I am!
Our 1 year anniversary is on Friday. The gift for each other for 1 year is traditionally paper, so we gave each other tickets to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Cassi said it was pretty good. We're also going to take family pictures with Sam. I hope they turn out well! My parents are going to take the pictures for us.
My genetic counseling rotation is going well. I've had some challenging cases, and I'm glad because I think my usual tendency would have been to just let Audrey do them with me observing. I'm pleased with myself for stepping up to the plate, so to speak. Speaking of stepping up to the plate, I am so bummed that the American League won the Midsummer Classic! Brad Hawpe was totally robbed of a home run, I was so angrified! We'll get 'em in the Fall Classic... aka World Series.
Ryan is playing some shoot 'em up video game on the Playstation. Sammy is asleep on his lap. What is it with boys and violent video games?
We have an album of Sammy pictures on Facebook that you can check out by clicking here. As I've said before, posting multiple pictures on the blog is a pain in the neck, so to see more pictures, check the Facebook album. You do not need to have a Facebook account- just click the link and save it to your bookmarks or whatever. But here's one picture just because I can't resist!
Not cute? What! The grumpy disco dancer is adorable!