03 May 2014

Diary of a Sick Pregnant Woman

Mar. 1: I feel sick to my stomach. Weird. Maybe it was the HuHot I ate for lunch.
Wait, I'm pretty sure my period's late.
This is happening.

Mar. 2: First day as the ward Primary president, and I didn't puke on any kids. *self-high-five*

Mar. 3-10: I'm exhausted, but not puking. Maybe this pregnancy won't be so bad. I'll just spend it sleeping on the hide-a-bed.

Mar. 11: Hello, toilet. We meet at last.

Mar. 22: This whole "not keeping food or water down" is lame.

Mar. 23: Hmm. I haven't kept anything down in two days. I should probably do something about this.

Mar. 26: Driving down to New Mexico. There's a nice bucket at my feet in case I puke.

Mar. 27: I can't swallow my saliva.

Mar. 28: Where are my kids?

Apr. 8: Time to go back to Laramie.

Apr. 10: I am never having more kids. Why did I want to do this again?

Apr. 23: I can swallow my saliva!!!!!

Apr. 24-27: Solo trip to Utah. Not being in charge of the kids does wonders for my upset stomach.

May 3: I should probably tell people I'm pregnant.

So that's our news! Baby #3 is due in the beginning of November!