19 January 2010

Back to School

New year, new semester, new life... gotta love changes!
We had a wonderful Christmas at home in Alaska. Ryan and I really needed a break. Grad school is stressful, for both students and their families. Hanging out with my parents and Cassi was so fun and relaxing. We can't wait for Cassi's visit this weekend, and Mom and Dad's next month!
Sam is 7 months old now. He has two teeth! We think he's getting his top teeth now, because he's been super fussy the past couple days. Poor little guy. I think he is starting to understand that Mommy and Daddy don't always know what he needs. He also knows when it is bedtime, and he freaks out when he knows he's about to be put to bed. Once he's asleep he's good, thank goodness!
This is my last semester in grad school. I'm feeling the weight of the research project. It seems like such an insurmountable task. I really doubt I'll get 50 participants, and that scares me because I am very intimidated by the Research Oversight Committee. Facing them gives me nightmares. Ryan is an amazing stay-at-home dad. He gives me the freedom to work hard in my clinical responsibilities and my research. I love and appreciate him so much!
While in Anchorage, Aunt Cassi had the brilliant idea of dressing Sam up as "Baby New Year" to ring in 2010. Here's a picture of our (not-so) little guy!