01 May 2015

Parenting is a Crapshoot

Just when you think you've got parenting figured out...
Sam and Ben are incredibly different from each other. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and somehow they are opposites. Sam had trouble sleeping as a baby, Ben was perfect. It took Ben two tries to be potty trained, Sam took three days. Ben just wants to snuggle, Sam wants to wrestle... and the list goes on and on.

So because my two little boys are so different, I figured I wouldn't have any trouble with Amelia. I don't know if it's because she's a girl, or the third child, or just naturally easy, but Amelia has been a breeze.


We have finally uncovered Amelia's Achilles' heel: solid food.

I loved making baby food for the boys, and they loved eating it. We tried Amelia out on rice cereal at four months old, but she wouldn't eat it. We reasoned that no one would want to eat that mushy crap, so we didn't force it. Now, however, she is six months old, and it's time to introduce fruits and vegetables. I tried Gerber carrots for the first three days. Nothing doing. Today I smashed a banana for her, added a little water and rice cereal for consistency, then gently warmed it in the microwave. She gagged and cried. Benjy tried to eat her banana mush because he is addicted to fruit.
I will keep trying, however. There's got to be something she likes as much as "boopie milk".

This is the face of someone who will be nursing for the rest of her life.