29 August 2012

Little Man

Just like Sammy did, baby Benjy has a lot of nicknames. Here's his list:
Nicknames for Benjamin Wood Reynolds

Benny Boy
Benny and the Jets
Baby Ben
Mr. Kicks
Benjy Beluga
Little Whale
Benjy W (pronounced "Wuh")
Baby Brudder
Bonji (that's Sam's)
Little the Precious
Ickle Precious

He even has a whale shirt!

27 August 2012

Paper Mountain

The upstairs portion of our house is 90% unpacked. The downstairs is more like 60%. 83.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
Like I said in the last post, we had professionals pack up all our things. Professionals, apparently, use copious amounts of paper to pack all boxes. And in the Ryan Reynolds Method of Unpacking (TM), you don't clear debris away after carefully unpacking each box. You just shove it all in one place until your wife flips out and makes you take it down to the garage.
Sometimes the pile gets so out of control that there is nothing to do but take pictures.

Hmm, what is this?

Claustrophia levels are high

Very high

19 August 2012


Moving is laaaaaame.
Ryan and I have been married for 4 years now, and our home in Wyoming is the 5th place we've lived together in that short amount of time. Our first move was from Colorado to Utah, and we packed and moved ourselves out there. For this interstate move, the Church paid for everything, included having the moving company put things into boxes for us. It was amazing, but Ryan and I kind of felt like slackers just hanging around our house watching them work. Sammy went nuts when he saw the moving truck and all the boxes. He was so excited! We had to keep the boys out of the way so the packers could work uninterrupted, which took some creativity.
Benjy took a nap in the garage

The next day, the giant moving truck came to load all the things that the packers... packed. Sam once again was thrilled. 
No, that entire truck was not just for us. We used less than half of it.

So by mid-day Tuesday our house was empty of everything not traveling in our car. 

Ryan and I slept on an air mattress; Sam slept on the floor. Benjy was the only one who had his regular bed.

Wednesday we cleaned the apartment so Del wouldn't have as much to do before the Andersons moved in.

Hard working huss!

Early Thursday morning, we left! Farewell, Utah! You were good to us. 

The "six hour" drive to Laramie took MUCH longer than it needed to, thanks to Benjy and Sammy's combined efforts. But we finally made it, and celebrated our move by eating at Pizza Hut... like, inside Pizza Hut, the way we did as kids. Definitely going to be a family favorite of ours.

Don't cross the streams!