28 February 2009

Baby clothes are the cutest

Ryan took some pictures of his swollen ankle so everyone could marvel at it.  He has been patiently hopping along this week, trying to get some mobility back.  The bruising is pretty nasty, isn't it?  Impressive.We got a surprise gift for our baby this week.  Ryan teaches an English class for the parents of the kids at the elementary school, and the ladies of his class absolutely love him and love hearing about our baby.  They surprised Ryan with two adorable baby outfits.  We pretty much could not handle how CUTE the clothes were.  It's definitely going to be a struggle for us not to buy tons of cute clothes for the baby.  We went to Babies R Us today just to poke around, and saw baby Broncos jerseys on clearance- how could we pass that up??  We couldn't.  Our little guy now has a onesie that looks like a Broncos jersey, and when he gets to be about 18 months he can wear a Broncos shirt, pants, and hat.  Oh man.  Here is  a picture of one of the onesies from the moms in Ryan's class.Ryan can snuggle the baby clothes until we actually have a baby to put in them.
I hit 25 weeks yesterday.  Everyone says I hardly look pregnant at all.  I'm kind of at that awkward stage when most of my normal clothes are too small, and most of my maternity clothes are too big.  Most days, I wear t-shirts.  They kind of hide the baby bump.
Kind of.

Last night we had fish and chips at our Aussie/Kiwi friends' home.  Wow!  It was absolutely amazing.  Terina also fried up some pineapple and sweet potato slices.  What a feast.  Cameron showed us a couple of rugby games, because Ryan is into the same rugby team as Terina (the All Blacks, if you are a rugby fan.  Cameron likes the Wallabees).  I had never watched rugby before.  It is a rough sport.  I don't think I'll be playing it any time soon.  Maybe after I watch a few more games, I'll get the hang of the rules.  It took me ages to understand football.

20 February 2009

Radon exposure can cause lung cancer

Having a 3-day weekend was really nice.  Ryan went on a cleaning spree and made our apartment much nicer.  We have a rug in our "living room area" now, which makes it a little more cozy in our opinion.  Ryan got hurt playing basketball last night.  His ankle swelled up a ton!  I wish we had taken a picture of it when it was impressively huge.  Thanks to my ministrations (bags of snow and Advil), the swelling has gone down.  I am hoping he can walk again soon, as being the only person moving around in the house gets old fast.  I imagine that's how Ryan felt when I was sick in bed the first trimester.  Speaking of trimesters, we have a new picture of me. 
This is the start of 24 weeks.  Every week we get closer to 28, at which point I will stop worrying so much about the possibility of going into labor early.  Do all women worry this much while they are pregnant?  I keep imagining what could possibly go wrong.
I've started looking at baby stuff online.  It is sooo cute I can hardly stand it.
Well, it's time to feed Ryan his medicine.  If you'll excuse me...

13 February 2009

Darwin's Birthday

Yesterday was Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, so we threw him a party in our Developmental Pathology class.  Dr. Opitz was delighted with our efforts, and was a good sport about wearing his party hat the whole time he lectured.  It was fantastic.  Tara made a cake, so it was a pretty awesome party.
Heidi and I took Heather, Jennifer, and Tara to the Draper temple open house today.  It is a beautiful temple (what temple isn't beautiful?)  Sitting in the sealing room reminded me of being sealed to Ryan, and how important it was to both of us that we be married in the temple.  I'm so grateful that because of that decision, we can be with each other and our baby forever.  Speaking of the baby, here is the latest belly picture.  What a difference a week makes!  I am at 23 weeks now, starting the 6th month of pregnancy.  I hope time keeps flying by.  

06 February 2009

Another OB Appointment

Today we had another appointment with the baby doctor.  He let Ryan use the Doppler thingie to find the baby's heartbeat!  It was cool that Ryan got to do it, very special.  He did a good job, and found our little guy very fast.  This morning the baby was kicking up a storm while I was eating pineapple at prenatal case conference.  It was pretty cute.  I love attributing the baby's movements to things going on in the outside world even though I know he isn't totally aware.  Still fun.  The belly picture this week is not that exciting, probably because I'm wearing a looser shirt.  
22 weeks- It kind of looks like a fist poking out of my stomach.  But really, I'm getting bigger.  I have gained 10 pounds now, which means I've gained back all the weight I lost from throwing up so much the first trimester.  That is good news.  After our appointment we ate fajitas at Bajio.
That was a yummy way to celebrate another month of BABY!

My birthday was last Friday.  Here is a picture of Ryan with the yummy cake he made for me!  The cake is all gone now, of course.  We love cake.

03 February 2009


Let's see, what has been going on with the Reynolds family these 4 long months...
Not long after our last blog post, we found out that we were pregnant!  And shortly thereafter, all those fun pregnancy symptoms kicked in!  I threw up about 5 or 6 times a day every day until December (when I finally got a prescription for some wonderful medicine).  So with school and vomiting (and not much else) the blog got pushed to the back burner.  
Our baby is due June 12- we're halfway there!  Our big exciting ultrasound was on January 21st.  Everything looks good, and we found out that we are having a boy!  Ryan and I are really excited.  We wanted a boy first so that the rest of our kids would have a big brother.  Picking out a name is hard!  Ryan is anxious that we haven't found a name that we love yet.  Sadly we both hate each other's favorite names.  I always wanted to name a son Ryan, but never wanted to name a son after his father.  I guess I screwed that one up...  
Aside from baby news, not much is going on here in Salt Lake.  Ryan is still teaching at Edison Elementary.  I survived my first semester of grad school.  Now that my belly is starting to poke out, we're going to take weekly pictures of it (how exciting!)  This is me and Baby Boy Reynolds at 21 weeks.
 We will try to post on Friday with the next picture and weekly update.