17 February 2010

We Love the Olympics!

I haven't really watched the Olympics since 2002, so this year I was determined that we would be an Olympic-watching family. Ryan and I have had a blast following the athletes, and even Sammy likes having the TV on all the time. It's very distracting to him. Right now I'm watching Men's halfpipe finals and have just finished up some homework. Ryan just got home from the gym. Hooray!Since our last post, we had a visit from Cassi. It's so nice to have family visit. We had a good time with Aunt Cassi, going to the zoo and tasting Cafe Rio, a Utah original. Ryan made a special cake for me for my birthday, and Sammy got to taste french fries! We had a nice Valentine's Day. Sammy asked me to be his Valentine, and of course I said yes! I have been sick twice in the past month, which is ridiculous. I rarely get sick. We took our friends Elisa and Heidi geocaching for Presidents' Day. It was our first time using our GPS here in Utah. We did a picture puzzle cache around Presidents' Circle (appropriate for the holiday, we thought). Now that Sammy is old enough to appreciate being outside, we will probably go geocaching more often.
My parents are coming to visit on Sunday. We feel lucky to have so many visitors!
Our little boy is 8 months old now! We can hardly believe it! He likes to buzz his lips with his fingers and say "momomomomom" when he is sad. He doesn't eat in the middle of the night anymore (hooray!), although he still wakes up. No crawling yet, so our apartment is still not baby proofed. We love our baby Sam!