02 August 2009

Ryan finally posts!

Hello everybody in blog world. I thought I would do the posting this time because, although her belly is considerably smaller, Kara now has one less hand with which to do things. I am glad I can do the heavy lifting for her ... like blogging!

Our first wedding anniversary was such a great time to reflect on how far we have come, plan for the future, and, most importantly, get a sweet gift. Kara's parents got a SUPER cool GPS unit for us. The Garmin Oregon 400t. Be careful not to drool on your computer. I hear that our previous GPS was actually used by cavemen to track dinosaurs.

We went to Kincaid Park to take our first family pictures. We plan on taking a family picture every year on our anniversary. I love my family so much!

Kara and I went to watch Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince on the night of our anniversary. It was our favorite movie of the series.

We are loving the experience of watching our little boy grow. He has nearly doubled in size. He follows people around with his eyes and smiles when he likes something. Kara's family is just loving their time with Sammy, too.
After my salmon fishing experience on Bird Creek yesterday, I can say that I am now a fishing fan. Both of my parents love to fish. I hope they are jealous that I got to fish Alaskan Salmon!
We look forward to a new year with many exciting developments in each of our lives. Thank you for following our blog!