19 February 2011

If you give a Sam a cookie...

Lately I've been trying to come up with new ways of entertaining Sam. There are only so many hours a toddler can spend playing in his room. One of our (my) favorite things to do together is bake. So far we've made banana bread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I took some pictures of our pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for your viewing pleasure:
All the ingredients out on the table. The cereal is only out because I didn't put it away after breakfast.
Sam's favorite part of baking: eating the flour. I don't understand it, but trust me: don't get between the boy and a bowl of flour.
He is quite good at stirring. Just don't leave him unsupervised...
Waiting for cookies to go in the oven.
Sometimes, when Sam is afraid to try a new food he will pretend it is "hot". This is what he does to show us that his food is too hot. He also says "HA" and shakes to illustrate the point.
Once I convinced him that his cookie was not "HA", he enjoyed it. Check out little chocolate mouth!!

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mary elizabeth said...

sammy is so cute! and thats so funny that he likes to eat the flour!