06 May 2011

What are YOU?

One time, in high school, I was hanging out with some of my "comrades" when I got asked a weird question.
One of my friends stared at me for several seconds, and then burst out, "What ARE you?"
I was puzzled.
"I mean, like are you Spanish or Arabian or something?"
I informed her that I am not Spanish or Arabian, but an eclectic mix of Italian, Lebanese, and a whole bunch of "white". I'm pretty sure my nose is Jewish, though I don't know where that came from.
My "vaguely ethnic" appearance has served me well in Utah, a place full of blondes. I was cast as an extra in the Church's upcoming New Testament series, because I apparently can pass for an Israelite. And last week, in Annie Get Your Gun, I got promoted from "ensemble" to "Indian" thanks to my long, dark brown hair. So much for blondes having more fun!
Sometimes, when I am alone and feel like laughing out loud, I say to myself, "What ARE you?" Guaranteed to crack me up.


Stacey said...

Ahhhhhh Kara- I am sooo jealous! I saw those posters and wanted to audition so bad- maybe I could have been represented the minorities- at least for that time and place lol. So exciting- I can't wait to hear all about it!

Jean said...

Wow! We'll be looking for you when those new NT movies come out. You'll have to post all about the filming and what they have you doing! Sam will be so excited.

Lindsay said...

Kara, you crack me up! As a blonde, I can agree that they do not have more fun. I have to slather on sunscreen, wear hats and hide out in the shade because I only burn. I also don't have beautiful dark eyebrows and eyelashes like you do, so make-up is a must so others can see my facial expressions. At least my white skin kept me modest because when I did wear shorts to school, I would get comments like, "Oh my gosh! Look at those pasty legs."