14 July 2011

Sam-to-English Dictionary & Phrasebook

Bippas- Scriptures
Bups- Chips
Chockit- Chocolate
Moooooooooore- More
JooooOOOOooose- Juice
Jeld- Gerald (from Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books)
Mommy joooose- Soda
Bankie- Blanket
Pano- Piano
Teestry- Toy Story
Nuk- Snuggle
Nuggie- Snuggie (his stuffed elephant)
Memo- Elmo
Geh- Again
Buhdeh- Peanut butter
Fush- Flush
Wahdoh- Water
Daddy- Daddy
Daddy- Jelly
PEESE PEESE PEESE!- I would really like to have that.
Hot!- I don't want that/It scares me.


Ty and Ber said...

Gotta love when they start talking! Joshua uses a lot of those same words. I still am having a hard time decoding some of the words he uses.
You should print this list off and pin it to him somehow that way everyone will know what he is saying. :)

Tanina said...

Mommy joose is my favorite, haha!!

Sarah (: said...

My favorite that's not on the list: banano- the yellow piano