14 August 2015

Catching Up

It's been a busy summer for the Reynolds Tribe. For Sam's 6th birthday we went camping in Yellowstone with the other Reynolds and the Despains.

When we got back from Yellowstone we closed on our house.

We immediately started tearing the walls down and renovating the crap out of it. Our lease on our apartment went until August 14th, so we had the freedom to do some major construction before officially moving in. Our photos and stories from the renovation (which will be ongoing FOREVER) can be found here: http://reynovation.blogspot.com

Then we had to move into the house and clean out the apartment.

Amelia was not a fan of moving. Neither was I.

Ryan also finished up his last course of his master's program. Now it's on to the thesis!
With school and the move done, and only a week of summer vacation left, the Reynolds are off on a mini vacation.

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