13 August 2008


We've found it hard to put up tons of pictures here on our blog, so instead we'll post links to where you can actually see all our photos!  So far we have:

We will post  more as I find time to get them on Facebook.  
As far as updates go, Ryan has a job!  He's working as a paraprofessional at Edison Elementary here in Salt Lake.  He's been working at registration the past couple days, so I've been home alone.  Weird.  I don't start school until the 25th, so I have a lot of free time.  And no, not all of it is spent reading and playing Nintendo, thank you very much.

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MomHuelin said...

So what percentage do you say you have been reading or playing nintendo? :-) Enjoy your free time sweetie. It is almost over. Love, Mom
Hi Ryan, hope you aren't working too hard while Kara is playing.