24 August 2008


Last week Ryan and I took a mini-vacation to Las Vegas.  We left Salt Lake after Ryan's work orientation, and arrived in Vegas around 8:30pm.  We stayed at the Stratosphere, which is a neat-looking hotel.  The hotel shops featured a magic trick store, which Ryan loved.  The guy behind the counter was really good at magic tricks- he entertained us for a good 30 minutes.  He also helped Ryan pick out some tricks to learn, which he has been showing me periodically.  Fun times.  Vegas is HOT- we walked along the Strip at 11pm and it was 90 degrees!!  I could not ever live there.  The next morning we went to the Las Vegas temple.  It was so beautiful!  It's one of my favorites now.  On the way home, we went to the St. George temple.  That was a different type of cool, because it is so old.  It was completed in 1877.  It even smelled old (but in a good way!).  While driving around looking for a place to eat dinner, Ryan saw an In-N-Out Burger.  No kidding.  I'd never eaten there before, but I've heard many times how amazing it is.  Wow.  It was even better than the hype.  Sadly it is the only one in Utah... and it is 4 and a half hours away.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Must... stop...
Pictures from the trip will be up eventually, but for now we're still working on our honeymoon trip.  The pictures from our trip to Palmyra are up now: click here.  
School for me starts tomorrow at 8:30am.  Ryan starts work Tuesday.  Exciting week!

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