09 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you moms out there, I hope you feel special and celebrated this Mother's Day.  I am excited to join your ranks in 5 short weeks!
The semester finally ended.  My neighbors and I threw a end of school/Cinco de Mayo BBQ out in the court.  It was fantastic to just hang out and not worry about going in to do homework!  Everyone brought food to share, and we played Catch Phrase until it got too dark.
Kristie tries her hot dog "Brazilian style" with crazy ridiculous toppings.  According to all my friends who served missions in Brazil, hot dogs taste great with mashed potatoes, peas, crispy onions, you name it!  I stuck to an onion burger.Terina with her amazing pavlova dessert.  It was quickly devoured.The crew, moving tables. Me and Jessica in our fancy cooking aprons.  Terina's pavlova is on our plates, waiting to be scarfed down.
On Wednesday 3 of my classmates and I began our laboratory rotation at ARUP Labs.  We will be there until May 26th, hanging out in different labs and practicing making a diagnosis from various lab tests.  I am learning a lot, and cementing a lot of the conditions we went over in our Biochemical Genetics class (because we've been in the Biochem lab the past 3 days).  I enjoy it, but it is definitely tiring.  We're there from about 9am-4pm every day.  There is free hot chocolate and water with the fancy ice, so that makes up for the long hours.
Ryan and I went to a breastfeeding class on Thursday.  He is being a good sport about going to childbirth classes with me, which I really appreciate.  Today we went to an all day childbirth prep class where we learned about labor and delivery.  We had to watch a video of a woman giving birth.  I was really freaked out, to be honest.  It was not pretty.  If I wasn't already pregnant, it would put me off having children.  By the end of the class I felt better, and I'm excited to use the relaxation techniques we learned.  Ryan is a great support, and as long as little Sammy doesn't arrive early, my mum will be there too.  I'll be in good hands.  I freak out about this every week, but he's almost here!  Holy cow! 
My dad's birthday is tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Dad!  See you soon!

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Ty and Ber said...

So is Sammy what you are naming your little guy? FUN.

I will have to agree that childbirth is not pretty. I have seen lots and lots of deliveries. There is too much stretching, riping, blood, yelling, etc to be pretty. It is amazing though. And the end result is absolutely priceless. Kudos to Ry for going to all the classes and being the supportive husband that he should be- it definitely isn't fun stuff especially for the guy. I think the most important role the dad plays in the delivery is being 100% supportive