23 May 2009

I am eating fruit snacks, are you jealous?

Don't lie to yourself- you wish you were eating fruit snacks too.
I have been watching the Rockies play almost every night this week.  It makes me so mad that they can't win more than one in a row.  Come on boys, prove me wrong!  
We had a ward barbeque last night, it was great.  I love hanging out with everyone.  The guys had a home run derby, which was definitely fun to watch.  Only one guy hit the ball over the fence before the bat broke.  
Ryan ran in the stake 5k this morning.  I had an excuse not to run (thank you, baby!), but I got up and cheered.  
Ryan and Rob before the start of the race.  Rob is our next door neighbor.Rob waves hi.
Ryan at the finish line.  Yay Ryan!  I had fun cheering for you!

Today was graduation for the School of Medicine at the U, which means that my class can now call ourselves the 2nd-years.  Crazy.  Who will help us with our homework, and give us advice for exams?  Our class is already planning our skit for next year's graduation party.  We were sorely disappointed that there was no entertainment tonight.
Yesterday the baby reached 37 weeks, which means he's now officially a full-termer.  If he was born tomorrow I wouldn't have to worry about him, and that feels really good.  I can't believe how soon he will be a real live person that I can play with!  (and change diapers, and clean up after him, yes I am aware it's not all fun and games!) We still haven't picked out a middle name for him yet though, so I would appreciate some comments with ideas on how to complete Samuel Reynolds.  Ryan is  championing Grayson, after a character from a book we both like, but I'm not sure about it yet.   
I know, my pj pants are AWESOME.


Tim and Family said...

You are looking so cute! Enjoy the next 3 weeks! Just remember your nights of sleep! You won't get those once he comes for a little while

Ty and Ber said...

I love fruit snacks, especially when I am prego. Good luck these next 3 weeks. It could be any time now. How are you feeling?

Nice job, Ry, on the 5K.

Sorry I am no help on the name game, we are still working on our little guys name. You could always go with Tyler. I know a pretty awesome guy with that name, come to think about it you guys might know him too :)!!! hehehe

Shannon And Tyler said...

Kara your belly looks so big on your little body, but you look cute. Good luck with everything. I like the name samuel you should do adams as a second name:)