06 June 2009


I had most of this week to myself, just hanging around the house, making a half hearted attempt to do research and work on homework.  Meh.  The Rockies are winning again, which makes me happy.  I like to watch their games in the evening while working on the quilt I'm making for Sammy.  I finished it a couple nights ago, woohoo!Many, many thanks to Lindsay Caldwell for guiding me along through my foray into quilting.  It was fun, and I may even have the confidence to do it again for the next baby!
We had another appointment with our baby doctor yesterday.  Here's hoping we don't have any more!  I am determined that this baby will not be born late.  Things are still looking good.  I told my doctor that I wanted to punch out the next person who says something like "The baby is due next week?  But he hasn't dropped yet!" and he laughed at me.  I think that means I have his permission to smack anyone who says that.  So watch out.  
Ryan drew this on our chalkboard in anticipation of Sammy's arrival.
I had the craziest experience grocery shopping this week.  When I got to Smith's, it was very dim inside.  A worker told me that an accident had knocked out power in the area, and they were on the emergency generators.  It was fun to shop in the half-lit store.  I was almost done when suddenly the lights went completely out.  I was in the back of the store, and it was pitch-black.  Scary!  Someone yelled out that everyone needed to come to the front of the store.  I left my cart and slowly walked up to the front.  One checkstand still had power.  Everyone was leaving, and I thought "Dang it, I want my groceries!"  So I went back to retrieve my cart.  Good thing I did, because I had left all my reusable bags in the cart (stupid pregnant brain!).  I was able to check out before the last checkstand lost power, and got home with my groceries safely.  It was awesome.  I hope the grocery store didn't lose all their perishables.  That would be sad.
Last night we went out to dinner with Rena, my mentor in the genetic counseling program.  We tried out the Rocky Mountain Pizza Co.  I had an excellent calzone.  The days of just going out to eat without serious planning are coming to an end... that will be so weird.  Not being able to do things spontaneously is going to be very different for us.  

Things I Am Excited to Do Again After the Baby is Born:
Play sports (Ryan is going to teach me how to bat like Todd Helton)
Sleep on my back
Go more than an hour without peeing
Ride a bike
Walk up stairs without wanting to die
Eat whatever I feel like
Not be dependent on medicine to keep from vomiting
Wear my favorite shirt (the yellow one that says Reading is for Awesome People)
Squeeze through tight spaces
Roll over
Put on socks without it taking 2 minutes

Here's what I hope is the last belly picture on the blog.


Engel Family said...

Good luck to you Kara! I certainly hope he comes early because trust me waiting past your due date is no fun. I remember the first night I got home from the hospital and I went to sleep ON MY BACK. It was pretty much amazing... I'll be thinking and praying for you and Sammy!

Ty and Ber said...

That would be scary to be in the grocery store with all the lights out. What a crazy adventure that very few can ever say they have experienced.

Good luck this week. Hopefully you don't have to go past your due date. Start walking the block a couple of times a day.

Shannon And Tyler said...

wow you are getting so close. Good luck with the delivery, i hope this is the last post before sammy arrives. Sleeping on your back is great afterwards and for me sleeping on my stomach was even better. Get one of those exercise balls and start bouncing on it.