13 June 2009

Still no Sammy

Aside from the lack of baby (grr...) this has been a good week. My mom is in town now, awaiting the arrival of the baby with us. She's being a good sport about hanging out in our tiny apartment while we wait. It has been raining a lot here in Utah, so we haven't been able to do as much walking as we would like. Yesterday we went geocaching. Ryan found both caches, good job honey!
Today I went to the Kura Door spa to have a special pregnancy massage. I really want Sammy to come soon, so we have more time together before I start my clinical rotation. I've heard a couple people swear by getting a special massage that hits certain pressure points, so I decided to try it out. It was really enjoyable, even if it doesn't help Sammy to get motivated to come out. My masseur really hit the pressure points at my ankles, hands and collarbones hard- I had to keep telling myself "contractions will hurt worse!!" to get through. Afterwards, though, it felt awesome. After the massage we went to the Farmers' Market in Pioneer Park. It was really cool, even though it rained on us a little. Mom bought Sammy a stuffed piggy that Ryan has named Snort. I think I may have to sneak it away from Ryan, he's very attached to Snort! Hopefully I will have some pictures soon of Sammy and Snort! For now, here's a picture of me, sad to still be pregnant.


Ty and Ber said...

Oh, so not fun to still be pregnant after your due date. Sorry, hopefully thing will happen soon for you. Are you getting an epidural or going to try and go natural? Either way, I hope that all goes well with your labor.

We need to go geocaching together. Oh the fun of geocaching!!! Ty and I need to take the girls this summer, I think they will enjoy it.

Kristi said...

Waiting for baby to come is hard! Try to relax and get as much rest as possible, you'll need it for labor and thoes long nights with Sammy. And if you can, which might not be possible, try not to think about it, it'll make the wait longer. I can't wait to see pictures of little Sammy! and Snort, of course.