18 September 2009

Sammy is 3 months old!

To celebrate Sammy being 3 months old, we took a family trip to Hogle Zoo. There was a new baby elephant and a baby giraffe, which meant that Ryan and I had spasms of joy!
My favorite zoo animals are giraffes, and Ryan's favorites are the elephants. The zoo babies are only a few weeks younger than our baby! To finish the celebration we had ice cream and pizza using left over gift cards from Ryan's birthday. Yum yum.
Last week, Sammy and I were both getting over a cold. We felt so crummy over Labor Day that we mostly just hung out on the couch and watched TV. We watched a couple hours of Cake Boss on TLC. Ryan and I got so inspired that we decided to make cake decorating our shared hobby. Well, cake making and decorating is not cheap or easy. We spent 3 days on our first (also last) cake. Here are some pictures from the creation of our "masterpiece".
Fondant is very hard to work with!

We have added more pictures of Sammy to our Facebook album. You don't need to be on Facebook to view them, just click here!


Elisa said...

Aw, that is actually quite a cute cake! Good job! :-)

Shannon And Tyler said...

I love your cake!! You shouldn't have given it up, i think you were onto something.

Tanina said...

Wow, that cake is amazing!