14 October 2009

This is why I hand out sandwiches

I have a sad story to tell. So, whenever Ryan and I go to the temple, I make a sandwich for this homeless lady who hangs out on the corner. I don't like giving cash to homeless people, because I never know what they are going to do with it. I give food instead. Tonight we went to Wal-Mart to get some things for Sammy's Halloween costume. As we walked in, two girls approached us and told us a sad story about the one girl's boyfriend ditching them in Salt Lake and they needed to get back to Ogden tonight. They said they didn't have any money on them to buy their Frontrunner (train) tickets. I didn't have a dollar, but I gave them a five because I felt bad that they got ditched. Later, as we were perusing Halloween costumes, I saw them picking out decorations and carrying a bunch of stuff. So much for not having any money for the train... I just bought Halloween decorations for two tramps instead of for our little apartment. This is why I will not ever hand out cash again! Sandwiches are still a go.
In other news...
Sammy went on his first hike in September. We took him along on the Genetic Counseling program hike up Catherine Pass. We took a bottle for him, but it didn't warm up by the time he was ready to eat... so we detoured off the trail so I could breastfeed him!
Ryan carried Sam in the Baby Bjorn. He got to face forward for the first time. He LOVED being able to see things. Now we carry him that way all the time.

All tuckered out!

We watched General Conference the first weekend in October. Our traditional tent got moved to Sunday morning, because Ryan played football before the Saturday morning session. Sam got to hang out in the tent for the first time! I can't wait til he is old enough to play in the tent.
Don't forget, most of our good Sammy pictures are on our Facebook album. You can also watch video clips of Sam at Ryan's MobileMe gallery. We will soon have the clip of Sam rolling over online! He rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time on October 4th.
Sam's next well-baby visit is Friday. We hope he gets to start solid food soon!


Tanina said...

That Sammy is so cute! Sorry about the money thing, one time we gave a guy two bucks at the grocery store parking lot because he said his pregnant wife was in the car and they had run out of gas. We saw him leaving the store a couple minutes later with a soda! You'd think they wouldn't buy stuff from the same place you're going into.

The Baileys said...

Ohhh thats sad about the money isnt it, but its the spirit in which you gave it that counts and whether they used and abused is what they will be judged on. Glad you got to go on a hike with your little tike. when you bringing him back to me aye?????? Have a good week and dont stop giving!