07 December 2010

Jingle Bell Rock

So I bought Ryan a mini-donut maker for Christmas. I was pretty excited about it. You see, when we were first married, Ryan tried to make Spudnuts a few times, but they always tanked. Plus, he loves making new family traditions. I thought we could start a new tradition of eating mini-Spudnuts. But then the machine came, and it was pretty small. Also, Ryan (the snoop) found out what I was getting for him and informed me that you can't make Spudnuts with it. So we ultimately decided to send it back and get a better present, because we both decided the thing would ultimately end up collecting dust. I was able to sell it on our Amazon store for a good price.
Well, I know Ryan likes art projects. He also likes looking at neat houses. I thought I could get him a model house kit type thingie and we'd build it together. Those were pretty expensive, however. Then I remembered something we saw the first time we drove out to Utah for General Conference. It was April 2007, and the ZCMI mall hadn't been demolished yet, so after GC we hung out in the mall for a while with my friend Scott. At the mall, an old man was selling wooden models of the Nauvoo temple. I remembered that Ryan really loved it, so I tried to find one for him. I successfully managed to find one, and promptly ordered it, feeling pretty pleased with myself.
For some reason, Ryan was snooping around our Amazon account AGAIN and saw what I got for him AGAIN. When he got home from class, he told me he already had the Nauvoo temple model. As it turns out, my memory of that trip to the ZCMI mall was faulty: Ryan loved those models so much he actually bought one. And we still have it in a box somewhere. And of course by the time he told me this it was too late to cancel the order on Amazon.
So pretty much Ryan is not getting a Christmas present this year.


Andrew said...

This is friggin' hilarious! Sounds like you guys need separate amazon accounts, although I'm not sure that would have saved you anything...

Tanina said...

Urgh! That is so frustrating! Tanner has a knack for guessing what he is getting and I'm all excited and then he ruins it! I'm just not putting his present under the tree this year until Christmas Eve. And I had to use my parents account to order Tanner's gift, cause he is a snoop too.

Ty and Ber said...

I have totally been where you are. Every year for Tyler's Christmas and/or birthday present. I buy him a gift, wrap it up and wait until that special day to give it to him. Usually a week before i get to give it to him he comes home and says "look what I just bought". Yep, the exact same thing I bought for him. It happens every year.
One year I thought I would be safe just getting him some new socks. NOPE wrong again.
So now I just take whatever he has bought for himself and wrap it up and give it to him again. It's his own fault.