30 November 2010

Made it

As in, I Made It Through NaNoWriMo.
I finished my 50,000 words this morning while Sam took a nap and Ryan was in class. My novel isn't finished, but let me tell you: It feels amazing to know that yes, I can conceive and execute an entire book.
Thanks for all the love and support, friends. I appreciated the encouragement and the writing dares! Ryan told me every day that I could make it, and I'm glad I didn't let him down.
I already have an idea kicking around for NaNoWriMo '11- can't wait!


Andrew said...

What an accomplishment! This is huge. Can't wait to read the Reliant K reference--that's one of my favorite bands!

mary elizabeth said...

yay!! that is so awesome, you are amazing! you're a rockstar kara! wish we could come celebrate with you guys (dumb work getting in the way of everything...) -- have fun!