22 January 2012

Big Boy Bed

 If I had to identify a particular strength of Sammy's, I would say that he does really well with transitions. When he turned 2, we took his binkie away, and he didn't even fuss about it. Last month we potty trained him, and he was very excited to wear the big boy underwear and use his sticker chart. This week we converted Sam's crib into a big boy bed.
He loves his big boy bed. We taped the "bog boy bed rules" to his wall, and he loves saying them every night. That doesn't mean he always follows them- after a week, he only has 2 stickers on his "staying in bed" chart. He does a good job of not leaving his room, but his toys are too tempting to keep his hands off. And for some reason, in the morning, he still calls out to me when he is ready to get up instead of just getting out of bed himself.
We hope his love of new experiences makes it easier for him to adjust to having a brother!

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