22 January 2012

Family Day

 With Ryan working two jobs, it's hard to find a lot of time to spend together as a family. Ryan had a rare day off last week for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so we took advantage of it. We took Sam down to the Church History Museum, where they are currently featuring an exhibit called A Book of Mormon Fiesta- A Latin-American Celebration. It's interactive for kids, and has stations about Latin American culture as well as Book of Mormon stories.
Dressed up to learn about Latin dancing

Building Nephi's boat

Every time we walk on the west side of Temple Square (where the museum is located), Ryan and I can smell doughnuts. Sam claimed he could smell them, too, but he tends to answer "yes" to every question that's not "Are you ready for bed?", so he is not exactly reliable. Anyway... We've never been able to figure out where the doughnut smell is coming from. There are no obvious candidates close by. We asked the people working at the museum if they knew, and none of them even acknowledged a doughnut smell! Granted, they are all in their eighties... Regardless, we couldn't handle the temptation of the doughnut smell, so we extended family fun time with a stop by Banbury Cross to eat doughnuts!

Even if it wasn't responsible for the doughnut smell downtown, it was pretty good.

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