23 March 2012

Family Date Night

In case anyone wondered, I made it through my first day alone with the boys. Part of my motivation was knowing that for our 30 minutes of exercise this evening, we were going to walk along the Jordan River Parkway instead of just around our neighborhood. Exciting! I had lots of stale bread I'd been saving up to feed the ducks, and we had a freebie coupon to The Sweet Tooth Fairy, aka all the ingredients you need for a happy Tribe.
We love Family Date Night. This was Benjy's first time along for the ride, and he was very good company. Sam was so excited to go ride in "poopy Daddy truck" to feed the ducks.

We finally taught him to smile without looking like a shark

There were ducks and Canada geese aplenty hanging out on the river. We noticed that mallards are poor sports about missing out on a piece of bread. If another mallard beats them to the food, the loser will chase the other one and peck its bum, just out of spite!

 This little boy loves his daddy

And when Daddy is around, he tolerates Mommy :0)

One duck actually snuck up on us. It swam out of the river, climbed up the bank, and waddled onto the little bridge trying to get some food. Sadly, we didn't see it until we'd finished all the bread!

It took some self-control, but Sam managed not to chase the duck

This picture doesn't do justice to the sheer number of ducks that were fighting over our bread

After we fed the ducks, we finished our walk so we could record our 30 minutes of exercise. We drove to Sweet Tooth Fairy on the way home. I'd been dying to try out their new Samoa cupcake. No, it didn't taste exactly like the Girl Scout cookie, but it was amazing nonetheless. We ate our treats at home instead of at the store, because really, who can eat a cupcake without milk? Not I. 
Benjy let me make it halfway through my cupcake before insisting that he needed a snack, too. Ah, babies.

One last picture, showing off my freakishly long fingers as I feed the ducks. Benjy has apparently inherited my overlong digits.

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LMH said...

Sounds like you had a fun evening. Isn't it nice when the weather gets warm.