10 July 2012

Once in the Highlands

So, I had a blast performing in Brigadoon this summer. I mean, really, Scottish accents, heather, shortbread... what's not to love? 
The theater is about 25 minutes from where we live... on a day without traffic. By a stroke of luck, one of the other cast members lived about 5 minutes from me. We drove together so we could use the carpool lane. Both of us have kids, so not wasting a ton of time driving was a big help. Alene performs with several opera groups- she is an amazing singer. I loved talking about music and kids on our drives. The whole cast was a lot of fun, with no huge ego problems. I had such a great time!
Here are some pictures for all of you who didn't get to see it. 

The Cast

Getting a little silly

Our piper- he was awesome. He actually provided his own costumes, which he mixed up a little every night. This one was my favorite.

I got to wear two costumes in the show. I hated this one! Imagine wearing a winter coat and a hat under stage lights. Whew!

Clan MacMillan. This is me and my "stage husband", and our mysterious relation, Kyrie. Skyler and I had a good time trying to make each other laugh during the funeral scene. 

 Katelyn was my backstage kindred spirit. We were the only two who could resist singing showtunes during our downtime.

Ah, the hipster glasses... so we found these backstage, in the trunk I brought from home to use during one of the songs. It is a bit of a tradition to be a little silly on closing night. These glasses were like a gift from the theater gods. I had fun hiding them backstage, in people's props... and wearing them. As we didn't know who they belonged to, I took them home as a souvenir. But when I was about 5 minutes away, the stage manager called to tell me that the glasses belonged to the improv group that performs at the theater every Saturday night. So I had to return my beloved hipster glasses. At least I got a picture!

I'm really grateful to live here in the Salt Lake valley, where there are so many opportunities to participate in the arts. I can't wait to get into another show!

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