28 June 2012

Sam's Birthday

As you know, one thing that Ryan and I both love is looking at fancy cakes. Sometimes we try to make fancy cakes, but the results are usually disappointing. To be honest, I think Ryan would have better luck if I wasn't involved. This year for Sam's birthday we decided to carve a cake into an airplane shape. The night before his birthday I started baking the sheet cakes so that we would be ready to go with our cake assembly the next day. And this is what happened:

Blah. So Sam started the morning of his birthday with a grocery store run with Ryan to get more cake mix. He didn't mind- he got a pack of gum all to himself!

Poor Aunt Cassi was feeling sick that day, so instead of going on a big family bike ride, she offered to stay home with Benjy so that Ryan and I could take Sam out to the "big playplace". I think Sam really enjoyed have time alone with Mommy and Daddy, and he certainly enjoyed playing!

We let him open presents when he got home, and then put him down for a nap. Ryan took it upon himself to make Sammy's cake memorable. I was excused from cake duty because of "excessive spaziness." Look how it turned out!

Okay, the lighting sucked. My bad.

Ryan modeled it after Sam's favorite toy airplane. Can you imagine how excited our little guy was when he woke up and saw his airplane cake?
Cassi felt well enough to eat a piece of cake

Del, the owner of our apartment complex. His birthday is the day after Sammy's

Ryan sliced up his masterpiece willingly

I don't know what kind of cake we'll make for Benjy's 1st birthday, but I tell you this for free- Ryan will be making it.

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Kim and Preston said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! Ryan you are very talented in your cake making abilities...i know who I will call for creative cakes!