24 September 2013

An Impromptu Day

I thought I was going to donate plasma this morning, but there was a scheduling glitch and apparently I shouldn't have been able to make the appointment. And yet I was able to, so boo technology. They didn't inform me of the mistake until after I'd drunk 60 oz of water, dropped my kids off at the "supervised play area" and begun to answer the questionnaire. My kids were grumpy about leaving the playroom after only being there for five minutes, so I decided to give them a fun morning to make up for it.
We went to the library, which we haven't done in a couple months. Everyone found a book they liked (I got two), and Sammy asked for The Stinky Cheese Man by name, which made me proud. As I was buckling Sam back in his car seat, I had this thought that I should do something special for him. So I asked him if he wanted to go to the airport and look at planes.
Man, did he get excited! It was worth it just to see his eyes get wide at the mention of going to the airport. Both boys opened their books on their laps and looked at the pictures the whole way out there. They must not have inherited my reading-induced carsickness genes. At the airport, we got lucky: There were 6 planes out on the tarmac, and the guy at Cowboy Aviation said we could walk out and look at them as long as the boys didn't climb on them. Both boys had a blast getting up close and personal with the airplanes.
On the way home, we stopped by McDonalds for lunch (they do a special deal the day after the Broncos play). I might not have been able to donate plasma, but my canceled appointment sure made for a fun morning! I had a good time with my boys.
Future pilot?

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