09 September 2013

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry

I feel guilty when I think of the fact that I haven't updated my blog since January. And then I think to myself, why would I bother feeling guilty? So there.
Our life has been pretty good the past eight months. Ryan got accepted to grad school, and started the American Studies program this semester. He is very busy now, which is an understatement.
The boys are becoming better friends as Benjy has gotten more mobile. The funny thing is, during the day they frequently bicker and mess with each other, but when they go to bed they don't do anything but laugh and play together. I'll take what I can get, I suppose.
My big excuse for not blogging is that I finally decided to take my novel writing up a notch. All of my free time has been going into editing my novel and getting it ready to do more than just be a file on my computer. I got it to a place where I felt comfortable with it, and then sent it out to "beta readers." I was the alpha reader, obviously. The beta readers were asked to give honest feedback so I could see where the novel was weak. Ryan, Cassi, and Mia gave me some great ideas of what needed to improve, so I worked on that for a while. Now, I've started querying literary agents trying to get one to take interest in my work.
Querying is hard work. It is also soul crushing to get rejected many times, which brings me to today. No one has rejected me yet (and it's 7pm in New York, so I figure most agents have stopped working), so instead of writing a new letter to send out I'm spending some time on the ole blog. I missed it.
Things coming up:
Family photos: It was hard to find a photographer in Laramie. Just kidding, one of my best friends here is a photographer. I'm excited that the weather is cooperating and that it will be cool outside for our photos.
Halloween: Sam and Ben want to be Daleks. Well, Sam does, and Ben will just have to go along with it unless I can find the perfect stripey shirt for him to be the Doctor.
Steamboat Springs: My parents are letting us use their timeshare points for a mini-vacation. Hurray!

That's all, folks. See you again in June. (Just kidding.)

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