13 February 2009

Darwin's Birthday

Yesterday was Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, so we threw him a party in our Developmental Pathology class.  Dr. Opitz was delighted with our efforts, and was a good sport about wearing his party hat the whole time he lectured.  It was fantastic.  Tara made a cake, so it was a pretty awesome party.
Heidi and I took Heather, Jennifer, and Tara to the Draper temple open house today.  It is a beautiful temple (what temple isn't beautiful?)  Sitting in the sealing room reminded me of being sealed to Ryan, and how important it was to both of us that we be married in the temple.  I'm so grateful that because of that decision, we can be with each other and our baby forever.  Speaking of the baby, here is the latest belly picture.  What a difference a week makes!  I am at 23 weeks now, starting the 6th month of pregnancy.  I hope time keeps flying by.  

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Paul Jessie and Matix said...

it's been a while! congrats on the newest soon to be addition to your family! paul and i were just talking about you ryan, so we thought we would look to see if you had a blog, and you do. yay! :)

i am glad to see everything is going so well for you. do you know if it is a boy or a girl? names?

anyway, you can check out our blog too, it's paulandjessieberg.blogspot.com

jessie (gracie)