06 February 2009

Another OB Appointment

Today we had another appointment with the baby doctor.  He let Ryan use the Doppler thingie to find the baby's heartbeat!  It was cool that Ryan got to do it, very special.  He did a good job, and found our little guy very fast.  This morning the baby was kicking up a storm while I was eating pineapple at prenatal case conference.  It was pretty cute.  I love attributing the baby's movements to things going on in the outside world even though I know he isn't totally aware.  Still fun.  The belly picture this week is not that exciting, probably because I'm wearing a looser shirt.  
22 weeks- It kind of looks like a fist poking out of my stomach.  But really, I'm getting bigger.  I have gained 10 pounds now, which means I've gained back all the weight I lost from throwing up so much the first trimester.  That is good news.  After our appointment we ate fajitas at Bajio.
That was a yummy way to celebrate another month of BABY!

My birthday was last Friday.  Here is a picture of Ryan with the yummy cake he made for me!  The cake is all gone now, of course.  We love cake.

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