20 February 2009

Radon exposure can cause lung cancer

Having a 3-day weekend was really nice.  Ryan went on a cleaning spree and made our apartment much nicer.  We have a rug in our "living room area" now, which makes it a little more cozy in our opinion.  Ryan got hurt playing basketball last night.  His ankle swelled up a ton!  I wish we had taken a picture of it when it was impressively huge.  Thanks to my ministrations (bags of snow and Advil), the swelling has gone down.  I am hoping he can walk again soon, as being the only person moving around in the house gets old fast.  I imagine that's how Ryan felt when I was sick in bed the first trimester.  Speaking of trimesters, we have a new picture of me. 
This is the start of 24 weeks.  Every week we get closer to 28, at which point I will stop worrying so much about the possibility of going into labor early.  Do all women worry this much while they are pregnant?  I keep imagining what could possibly go wrong.
I've started looking at baby stuff online.  It is sooo cute I can hardly stand it.
Well, it's time to feed Ryan his medicine.  If you'll excuse me...


MomHuelin said...

I know it is easier to say then to follow, but don't worry so much. Most Mom's out there don't have all the information you have. Time for you to enjoy your pregnancy. Leave those bad thoughts behind. I love you. Mom

Shannon And Tyler said...

Yes you will worry this much while pregnant. But once the kid arrives you will worry even more. I have discovered that reading lots of baby books while exhausted and hormonal is dangerous so stay away from them. Unless you know something is wrong. You look good!