07 March 2009

Friday Night Fish N Chips

Yet another busy week.  I keep telling myself that there is only one week left until Spring Break.  Of course, once Spring Break is over I don't really have anything to look forward to until finals.  Yesterday I gave my research proposal to the Research Oversight Committee.  They approved my project, which was nice.  Now I have to really get to work!  This research project is part of our graduation requirements, so it is kind of a big deal.  I'm glad to have this part finished with.  
We also had another OB appointment yesterday.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat again.  Ryan thinks he can hear the heartbeat just by putting his ear to my stomach.  As I can't bend over to do it, I guess I'll take his word for it.  In 2 weeks I get a RhoGAM shot and I get to do the glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes.  Oh joy.  According to the baby book, our little one is over nine inches long!  I look at my stomach and wonder how that is even possible.  Nine inches is pretty long.  How does he fit in there?  And how can I grow big enough to fit a whole, finished baby?  These are the important questions of life, people.
Here is a picture of me holding our baby as much as I can.
To see the sideways belly comparison pictures, you can visit my Facebook album.
Last night we went over to the Baileys' to learn how to make fish and chips from Terina, the pro.  Sooo yummy.  We also played Rock Band.  I've resigned myself to suckiness at all forms of electronic musical instrument simulation, because I stink at Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  Oh well.  I can still play the clarinet.  Sort of.
Finally, here is a picture of something random and funny I saw at the grocery store this week.
Wippity Wipes!  Oh yeah!  No, I didn't buy them, but I really wanted to.
The baby is hanging out in my ribs right now, which is really uncomfortable.  I'm going to go walk around the apartment in an attempt to jostle him out of position.


Elisa said...

haha! Wippity Wipes! That's great...especially because you add an "ity" at the end of everything...like chips! :-) P.S. Love the St. Patty's day background. I'm sure I need to show Heidi.

Engel Family said...

You are looking so cute! And trust me they always find room in there to keep growing and I remember after Kaeli came out I thought to myself even more, how did you fit in there? But it's wonderful and I'm so happy for you two!

Ty and Ber said...

You look so cute. To astonish you even more, I think the 9 inch measurement is from head to bum, and at 26 weeks they are more like 13 inches when stretched out. The whole baby thing is amazing to me.

Hope that you guys are doing well. PS. Ryan's ankle looks gross.