21 March 2009

A Good Week

I got to visit Cassi in Las Vegas this week.  She drove out there with two of her roommates for their Spring Break, and I tagged along for a couple days.  We got to see Criss Angel's show, and the fountains at the Bellaggio, a highlight for me!  Ryan got to live the bachelor life while I was gone, which he enjoyed.  
The weather here in Salt Lake has been gorgeous lately.  Last night we enjoyed it by playing catch outside our apartment.  Today our friend Terina and her Maori cultural group performed at the opening of a new Rumbi Island Grill.  We stopped by to watch and got free food!  It was really neat.  We went to the temple afterwards.  At home now, I am getting ready to make green Rice Krispies treats for a St. Patrick's Day party at Heidi and Elisa's.  Tomorrow we are planning on geocaching in a neighborhood across the street from us.
Here I am at 28 weeks.  Only 12 more to go!


Ty and Ber said...

How nice to be able to spend some time with your sister. Sounds like you guys had some fun.

We totally need to go geocaching together. So much fun!

Emily said...

Kara and Ryan!
HI GUYS! I came across your blog via your facebook page... I know major stalker! You guys look great!!! Congrats on the baby! What an exciting time!!! Can't wait to see pictures in June!