04 April 2009

General Conference Weekend!

Yay!  I love General Conference.  Sorry to all of you freezing on Temple Square- but I bet you are loving it anyway!  The Reynolds Family began their morning by eating hash browns and toast.  We rarely eat anything but cereal for breakfast, so this was pretty special.  Ryan makes amazing hash browns.  Today he topped them off with Lawry's seasoned salt and pepperjack cheese.  I can tell you are all drooling.  We made our traditional Saturday morning session tent.  Sorry the picture is kind of blurry.  Ryan wants me to tell the story of the General Conference tent, so I will.  The idea comes from the Book of Mormon originally, but more specifically we got the idea from Tyler and Amber Conlin.  Ryan was visiting the Conlins one General Conference many years ago, and was impressed by the tent they had set up in their living room.  They told him that they got the idea from the story of King Benjamin's address.  The people came from all over the land to listen to King Benjamin.  Because they had to travel far and stay for a few days, they all had tents, which they set up facing the tower from which their king spoke.  So now we make tents and point them toward our prophet and leader, President Monson, like the people of King Benjamin!  Ryan told me about this when I joined the church back in 2004, and I used to make my own tent at the Institute in Fort Collins during the Saturday morning session.  Now that we are married, we make our tent together!  We're excited to have our baby join us in the tent for the October conference.  You can read the story of the people of King Benjamin in Mosiah 2:1-7 or by clicking here.  
It has been another good week for us.  I'd say the majority of our weeks are good.  Ryan went to the doctor on Monday and got some medicine.  He's feeling all better now.  We worked out together on Friday afternoon and went to a hockey game- the Alaska Aces played the Utah Grizzlies here in Salt Lake.  We cheered for the Aces, and it paid off because they won 3-0.  It was a lot of fun.  We've never been to a hockey game together.  Another fun activity this week was cleaning our noses with Biore strips.
Those things are always gross to look at.  
We had an appointment with our baby doctor on Wednesday.  Everything is still looking good.  I gained 3 pounds this month.  The baby is about 17 inches along and weighs just over 3 pounds.  He's so big!  I look like I am holding a pumpkin in this week's picture.


Ty and Ber said...

YEAH FOR TENTS!! I didn't know that Ryan carried on that tradition, how awesome!!

Hope that you guys have an awesome weekend watching conference.

April said...

You are so tiny! I'm not surprised. You can't even call that a basketball belly. Congrats.