11 April 2009

Taco Soup

I am making taco soup for dinner.  It is going to be delicious.  Yum yum. 
Last night we went to the season opener for the Salt Lake Bees, our minor league baseball team.  The Institute's married student association got free tickets, so we took advantage of that.  The Bees beat the Reno Aces, a good start to the season.  The back of our ticket had a coupon for Sonic, so we went there for a treat after the game.  Ryan ordered a junior hamburger.  Here is a picture of it.
Sonic has clearly found an answer to these troubled economic times: Save money on burgers by cutting them in half before serving them!!  We couldn't believe it.  In fact, we ordered a second junior hamburger just to see if it would also be half a hamburger patty.  It sure was.  I wonder if it was the other half to the other one Ryan ordered.
My friends threw a baby shower for me today.  It was so nice.  My classmates and some of my transplanted Colorado friends showed up, and totally spoiled our little guy.  I know I've said it a million times, but baby clothes are freaking cute!  We washed all of them when I got home, and now I have all this baby laundry hanging up to dry in our kitchen.  Very cute.  Our friend Nicole brought her 6-month old over to meet us today.  He is the cheeriest baby I've ever met, all smiles and giggles.  I hope our baby is as good natured as Treydon!  I picked out some pictures from the baby shower to share.
We played "Pin the Baby on the Mommy" (thankfully with tape, not pins...).  Elisa started handing out all the cutouts of the baby faces, and with trepidation I asked "Um, where is the mommy cutout?"  Oh, there was no mommy cutout.  I got pinned with babies!  Lindsey is the one who decided to stick the baby on my eye, just to mix things up.  
On Friday I hit 31 weeks.  There are only 62 days left until the baby arrives.  I can't believe it.  The time is flying by now.  Here is this week's picture.


Ty and Ber said...

I love the jr. hamburger idea. How funny.
You look great. Not much longer to go. Are you feeling good?

The Baileys said...

You look sooooooo beautiful Kara, Pregnancy and you go wonderful together, Im sorry I missed the baby shower oh but dont worry you wont miss out on the baby shower gifts lol............ Hope you had a great time, it looks like it.
Love The Baileyz

Kristi said...

I loved the sonic hamburger story, so funny! I can't wait until Thursday to see Ryan again and to meet Kara! It'll be so fun!

I totally agree with the baby clothes, so cute. I love doing Davey's laundry, his clothes are so tiny, so cute.

Becky said...

I just found your blog! You look so cute at your baby shower! It was so much fun!