25 April 2009

Good Samaritan

This was our last full week of class.  Sooo close to being done!  Hooray!
I am going to take this blog opportunity to toot Ryan's horn a little (I'm his wife, so I can do that).  On Thursday, when we were driving home after work/school, we saw a car stopped in the lane opposite us with its hazard lights blinking.  Ryan decided to flip a U-turn at the light to go ask the driver if she needed help.  We pulled up behind her, and Ryan got out to talk to her.  They decided the car wasn't really going anywhere on its own.  The woman (and her young son, probably less than a year old) only needed to go across the street- they were so close to their destination!  Ryan tried to push their car over the median into the parking lot, but after many attempts had to concede defeat (he almost had it, though).  I wasn't allowed to help, what with the whole pregnancy thing going on.  Right as Ryan was about to give up and think of a new plan, a woman in an Army uniform came running across the street to help push.  As they started to push, a guy in a little red car pulled up onto the median, jumped out, and joined them at the back bumper.  They showed up just in time for the break in traffic, and were able to push the car over the median, across the street, and into the parking lot of the building where the woman had an appointment.  Hooray!  My husband is a hero :0)
Yesterday we had a visit from our friends Al, Lucy, and Sam.  They were in Utah for Ben and Joe's graduation, before they move away (sad for us).  It is always awesome to visit with friends.  After they left I spent an hour trying to download an Apple ][e emulator so I could play Oregon Trail on Ryan's computer.  I tried two emulators, couldn't get the right ROMs for one, then couldn't find the right version of the game for the other.  Another Google search turned up a site where I could play online without downloading anything!  All that clever work for nothing... and then I drowned crossing the Snake River when I finally got to play.  Sheesh.
The power was supposed to be off at Student Apartments from 9am-2pm today.  About 30 minutes ago it went out for about 2 minutes, but now it is back.  I don't know if it will happen again.  Ryan took his Praxis exam this morning.  We won't find out if he passed for another 4 weeks, so keep those fingers crossed.
Only 7 more weeks of pregnancy to go.  I am starting to get a little nervous.  It will be nice to go back to my normal size, because this belly is heavy.  Though I will miss being able to do this:
Ha ha ha.  I don't dare leave cups on my belly for long, because the baby likes to roll around when I sit down.  I had trouble getting back to sleep this morning after dropping Ryan off because he was so darn wiggly! (the baby, not Ryan)
Here is the latest belly picture.


Ty and Ber said...

Ryan is such a great guy. Way to save the day.

Love the picture of you using your belly as a little table.

You are getting so close. I think the last trimester of pregnancy flies by. It's nice to see your countdown getting so close to the actual date because then I know that I am right behind you. WAHOO. Our little guy will be able to play.

Sue said...

I love the drink on the belly pic. To get a picture in your header just go to layout. Click edit on your header tab at the top. Load your pic and then click to have it show up behind your header. If that doesn't work I'm not really sure what to do. Good luck. :)

The Baileys said...

Yes I did the pictures I will have to let you use my account so you can do them for free. Hows your tummy doing? Good luck on your finals.