25 April 2010

So close... and yet so far

This is my last week of clinical rotations forever! What an amazing feeling. I finally feel like perhaps I am ready to be unleashed on patients on my own. After this week, I will have the Pregnancy Risk Line rotation and my research defense, and be finished in June. WOW!
On the home front, things are going well. Baby Sam is creeping and cruising, he's close to crawling but not so close to walking. Ryan graduated from the Institute of Religion this semester. Sammy and I are so proud of him.
We have successfully indoctrinated a new friend into the world of geocaching. Jennifer accompanied us and the Andersons on a cache trip on campus yesterday. It's so good to get outside and walk around. Geocaching is awesome.
Jessica pulling the cache from its hiding placeSammy trying unsuccessfully to steal the cache from MommyJennifer signing the logbook

On my mind today is the concept of seeking and receiving personal revelation from the Lord. I think it is so important to understand that everyone will receive revelation a little bit differently from everyone else. It is of paramount importance that we learn for ourselves how revelation feels to us as individuals. I understand the Lord's plan for me through my feelings; as I plan my life, He helps me to feel confident in the paths I choose (when correct), even if the world would say that I'm crazy for doing certain things. That's how it felt when we decided to be open to having a baby so early in our marriage. Our Sam is such a delight to us, and I know enough about genetics to know that he is one-of-a-kind; if we had waited another month to have children, we wouldn't have the same baby we have now. Sam is a gift, which we would never have had if we weren't open to revelation.

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Brock and Rachel said...

Kara- thanks for your thoughts. You are an amazing girl! That cute picture of Sam would make the grumpiest man in the world smile!