13 May 2010

My New Obsession

Last September, Ryan, Sammy, and I were all sick at the same time. This was before Sam got all mobile and wiggly, so the three of us spent many hours on the hide-a-bed in the living room watching Cake Boss. This prompted us to make our own fondant and decorate a magnificently layered cake, a la Buddy and co.
Yes, we're keeping our day jobs.

In any case, it inspired a love for beautifully decorated, imaginative cakes. I can waste hours online looking at pictures of amazing cakes.
And then I met Nina Fullmer, and started keeping up with her blog (yes, she does live in the apartment above ours, so I COULD just go say hi every once in a while, but this way I get to keep my pasty white skin from getting exposed to deadly UV rays.) Nina's blog's sidebar features a blog with the intriguing name of Cake Wrecks. Being rather obsessed with cake, I had to investigate.
Oh my hilariousness. This blog is dedicated to professional cakes that can best be described as "horribly, hilariously wrong." Like all the different ways you can spell "congratulations". And misuse an apos'trophe. And crazy carrot jockeys! Seriously, people, words cannot do this blog justice. You must see for yourselves.
My dearest wish is to be a Wreckporter. And if you are ever stumped on what to get me for my birthday, a CakeWrecks t-shirt would hit the spot.
Oh, I kill me. Hit the spot!
Downside? I pretty much always want cake now.

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Katie Boyack said...

Ha ha! I LOVE the Cake Wrecks blog...I check it every day. :)