27 May 2010

Topsy Turvy Cake

Being an avid reader of Cake Wrecks, I have been exposed to new ideas in cakery. My absolute favorite is the topsy turvy cake.
The Interwebs has several sites that teach you how to make these cakes, and Ryan and I (well, mostly me) thought we would try to make one for Sam's first birthday cake. Being haunted by our past cake disasters, I decided that we would make a practice cake first, to work on technique.
Not too bad, actually. Okay, there are crumbs in the icing, and the top stack is leaning a little, but on the whole, it looks as it should!
So Ryan and I were dinking around on our computers in the living room, when all of a sudden I hear a noise from the kitchen...
The top stack on our cake fell off! After I spent 30 minutes icing it to be sure it would stay together!! Rage!!!

Picking up a stack of cake bare-handed is messier than anticipated.
Our topsy turvy cake was more of a tipsy turvy cake... and what does turvy mean, anyway? In a nutshell, we have abandoned our hope of making a very fancy cake for our son's birthday. We might still buy some packaged fondant to make pretty designs for his cake, but we're sticking to what we know best: two 8 inch rounds stacked together with chocolate icing.
I need a new hobby.

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Elisa said...

HAHAHA I was laughing OUT LOUD when I read this post...Kara you are hilarious! Sorry the cake fell over...other than that it looked mostly impressive to me!