31 May 2010

Eggs at Midnight, or "Doesn't anyone else stay up late in this town?"

I made deviled eggs for our barbecue tomorrow. I used all of the eggs so we'd have a lot. Eggs complete, I went to the pantry to get brownie mix for the next part of our feast. Stupid! You need eggs to make brownies!
Ryan is at work, and baby Sam is asleep. I already walked around our apartments looking for lights on in the apartments of good friends (the kind you could say "I need brownies NOW" to and not feel stupid). No one is up. I even asked a guy smoking outside if I could borrow some eggs. YES I am that desperate. Sadly he is just visiting his daughter, and she's already asleep.
I am seriously thinking about waking Sam up and going to the grocery store. Is it worth it? I could just eat the rest of the jar of fudge...


Ty and Ber said...

HAHAHA I love it. Darn those midnight cravings. I'm sorry that you couldn't find any eggs. I was up and have 20+ eggs in my fridge. Just 25 miles too far away.

mary elizabeth said...

we have eggs! feel free to come over to our apartment late at night... we're usually awake :)