31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Recap of last year's Halloween: We had a ward Halloween party, that you were supposed to wear costumes for. I had a 4-month old baby, and was VERY excited about it, so I spent all of October working on a family-themed costume idea:
This year, I was not having an energetic October. I felt like it would be lame not to dress up, since we had done such a good job last year, but I really couldn't muster up enough excitement to go buy stuff/make stuff. Plus, I was out of town for the Halloween party, and Ryan had to work over Halloween weekend.
But then my mom bought Sam a pair of denim overalls. By some stroke of luck, she had also sent us a hand-me-down red sweater and red baseball cap. Now, if denim overalls, red shirt, and red hat don't instantly suggest a costume idea, you clearly are not part of my generation...
So I had this great costume idea for Sam, but Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, and I didn't feel like taking Sam out on the Sabbath (after all, he's one. he's not going to put up a fuss).
However, I live in a magical place called Utah, where if a holiday falls on a Sunday, it gets celebrated on Saturday (remember Independence Day?) That means everyone went trick-or-treating on October 30th! On October 29th, I decided Sam was going trick-or-treating, gosh darn it.
Okay, back to the costume. If you haven't figured it out yet, shame on you.
It's-a me-a, MARIO!!
Ryan drew the mustache. We let Sam carry the plunger around the whole time because it was the only way to keep him from yanking off his hat.
We were only out for a half-hour, because Ryan had to go to work, but we had so much fun. Sam was pretty clueless at first, but gradually he figured out he could knock on the door, then reach into a bowl and get CANDY. He wasn't as good at letting go of the candy to put it in the bag, but what did I expect?
I recently returned from visiting my parents in New Mexico. It is... not Alaska. But we had a good time nevertheless. I think I'll do another post sometime with some of the videos and pictures from the trip. But for now...
Happy Halloween from The Reynolds Tribe!


mary elizabeth said...

cutest mario EVER!!

Ty and Ber said...

Way to throw something together at the last minute. Tyler and I got our costumes on Halloween (30th) we procrastinated just a little. Little Sam looked super cute as Mario. Nice work.

Andrew said...

Haha, so you just read that post months ago and didn't even take a gander at the list? That's hilarious. I'm honored that the publicity is finally mutual.