04 July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I love Independence Day because people choose to celebrate with FIREWORKS! which may be one of my top 5 favorite things in the world. Actually, let's make that list now:
1. Brownies
2. Roller-coasters
3. Fireworks
4. Baseball
5. Reading a book

See, fireworks DID make the list! And obviously this is a list that excludes people. It's more of a "material" or "worldly" top 5.
I digress...
Last night Sam and I met up with Elisa and Heidi to watch fireworks in Sugarhouse Park. Now, this is only the 2nd fireworks show I've been to in Utah, but I must say that Utahns do fireworks right! It was an amazing show. Sam, who thrives on new experiences, was not fazed at all by the fireworks. In fact, on Sam's top 5 list:
1. Lights
2. His "Snugaphant" stuffed animal
3. Binkies
4. Opening cupboards
5. Hissing

You can see that Lights are his favorite thing. Fireworks are big, exciting, loud lights. Sam and I laid down and looked up at the big lights. They held his attention for a few minutes, then he would wiggle around and try to climb on Elisa, then he would watch again. It was an exciting night for the little guy. I missed watching fireworks with Ryan, however. We have watched fireworks together 3 of the past 4 Independence Days. Poor Ryan, slaving away at the hospital so we can buy toys and oatmeal. I got a second fireworks show tonight. Our apartment complex is up the mountain from the rest of Salt Lake, so I could see several shows going on tonight. I don't know why, but I can't resist fireworks!
Last Thursday I took Sam to "Book Baby" at our local library. They read books, sing songs, and dance! I think I'll keep taking Sam, he needs to learn how to socialize without grabbing faces.
Back in May, I applied for a genetic counseling position here in Salt Lake City. As mentioned earlier, Ryan and I felt strongly about staying in SLC for a little while longer, so I turned down a position in Pennsylvania. We were pretty excited about this opportunity in SLC. I had a phone interview with HR, with the next step being an in-person interview with all the people involved with genetics in the company. A few weeks had gone by since the phone interview, so I called to check in and was told it would take a few more weeks. So after letting a few more weeks pass, I called again. The HR guy told me that I had not been selected for an in-person interview. I was crushed. It's one thing to not be selected for a job because you aren't the right person, but to not even get a chance? That was a new experience for me. Ryan and I were both very disappointed, and fairly concerned about our little family's financial future. After all, toys and oatmeal are expensive.
About a week after this let-down, I got a call from a woman who works in the office with the genetic counselors. She was calling to schedule my in-person interview! I was very confused, and timidly told her that I was informed by HR that I was not going to have an in-person interview. She was very upset and told me categorically that I was being considered all along for the position, especially being local and everything. I even got an e-mail from one of the GCs apologizing for the mistake! What a welcome surprise! I am interviewing over this Thursday and Friday, and have the opportunity to present my research as part of the interview process. That means giving my defense again. I am looking forward to it. After all, I think our research is pretty cool. Ryan and I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers this week. This job would be pretty ideal for us.
This is the first Sunday I haven't made brownies since the Sunday before Memorial Day. Weird.


Aaron and Maria Call said...

Sounds so exciting! Prayers coming your way! (If you pray that we find a job too :)) Miss you guys tons and we should reschedule our dinner date soon :)

mary elizabeth said...

good luck!! i'll be thinking of you this week :)

Ty and Ber said...

Oh good luck with your interview. I hope everything goes well.
Sounds like you guys had a fun
4th of July. Sad that Ryan had to work though.

Andrew said...

So Tara told me about your blog, so I had to come check it out. 5 things I like about it:

1. Lists
2. Facebook Teaser
3. Layout
4. Your writing style
5. Hissing