04 November 2010

New Mexico Trip

Sam and I visited my parents last month in our first lengthy separation from Ryan: 9 days! We had a great time sightseeing around their new home, eating yummy food, and generally being spoiled.
White Sands National Monument is about an hour away from their house, and it is definitely worth the drive. It features huge gypsum sand dunes that look like snow from far away because they are so white. We climbed around in the sand, and borrowed sleds from 2 guys to take a few trips down the hill.
My parents' next-door neighbors have 2 English bulldogs. Sam hasn't really spent time with any dogs since he was 6 months old, so they were like a whole new experience to him. He LOVED the dogs and kept making these really cute snuffling noises at them.
We also visited a corn maze, which had lots of other activities like slides and hayrides. We took a hayride to the "U-Pick" pumpkin patch. Sam enjoyed touching all the pumpkins. He even carried a little white gourd around with him, so of course we had to get it for him (luckily it was free).
It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to take Ryan there for Christmas. I want to go sledding again!

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