14 January 2011


Hey friends... I could use some help. Amazon is hosting a new author contest, and I'd like to submit my NaNoWriMo work. However, the submission deadline is coming up, and I need help editing. What I would need from you is:
Read 5 pages of the novel (I'll send you a random chunk)
Analyze for obvious spelling and grammar errors
Look for any contradictions within your own section
List character traits or statements that have the potential to be contradicted later in the novel (for example, if I say that Anna has brown eyes in your section, I want to be sure that I don't describe her lovely green eyes later on)

And I would need it no later than January 24th.
Who's with me?


Carrie and Spencer said...

KAWA!! I would love to help!!

Andrew said...

I'm in!

Mallory said...

I'll help! Send it to my email mallory.obannon@gmail.com