18 January 2011

That was fast

This weekend Ryan and I were reminded yet again that the Lord is mindful of our needs and desires to bless us.
On Friday, we received word from the Village that because Ryan dropped a class last semester, we didn't have the required number of credits to live here anymore- and they wanted us out in 30 days. We appealed the decision right away, based on our personal circumstances that necessitated dropping the class. On Saturday, my friend Katie e-mailed the girls in our ward to let us know that an apartment manager position was opening at the apartments she used to manage, and that compensation included free rent at the complex. We let her know that we were very interested, and she hooked us up with the owner. He met with us yesterday, and offered us the job on the spot! The current apartment manager is moving this weekend, so he wants us to start next week! Thankfully it won't have to be a whirlwind move, as we still have 30 days left in our current apartment and the new one is close enough that we can make several trips. I am a little shell-shocked now that we won't have until May to adjust to the idea of leaving our Village lifestyle and friends. Ryan and I will be in a conventional ward for the first time ever (not just the first time since we got married). It will be weird. Sammy will have to adjust to new Nursery leaders and no playground right outside his front door. Overall, though, we recognize this as an answer to prayer, and we're so grateful that we have the opportunity to improve our financial situation while solving our problem of finding a new home. You are all welcome to come visit us once we're moved in!


mary elizabeth said...

Nooooooo! This makes me so sad! But don't worry, I'm happy for you guys too, but noooo! We'll miss you guys so much!

Lindsay said...

Jeff and I are really bummed you are moving! But I am really glad that things have worked out for you.