01 June 2010

A "Rash" Decision

Today while I was at school Ryan called and told me to hurry home because he thought Sammy was in pain and needed to go to the doctor. I asked him why he thought Sam was in pain and he refused to tell me. If he thought the mystery would get me home more quickly, he was right. I came home to see Sam snuggling with Ryan on the couch. Sam does not snuggle. He can't sit still for more than 5 seconds. He really must have been feeling crappy. Ryan noticed that Sam was crying and flinching while he was wiping him off during a diaper change. We got a quick appointment for him to make sure nothing serious was wrong. Boy were we relieved to find out our baby has an infection in his diapered region! I never thought I'd say those words! He got some special ointment and hopefully the infection will clear up soon. He's having a hard time going to bed tonight, I wonder if it is because his bummy hurts. Poor little guy.

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Richard said...

I feel bad for the little guy! Miss him alot as well. I enjoy being able to keep up with your guy's lives through the blog site. Love you all.