25 June 2010

Cake Wrecks!!

If you read my blog regularly, you know how much I love cake. You may also be aware of my love of a hilarious little website known as Cake Wrecks. The author of the CW blog is on a book tour, and she and her husband came to the King's English this Wednesday! It was free, so I went with two fellow CW lovers, Katie and Kathryn. Ryan, ever the supportive husband, made t-shirts for us to wear to the event.
My shirt features a fearsome Cake REX, Katie has a Cake Wrecks wrecking ball, and Kathryn's shirt has the host of "The Kay Krex Show". Ain't we clever?
One of the best parts of the event, for me, was getting to eat cake. Ryley of That's My Cake provided delicious and beautiful cakes for us. Amazing! I got a slice of the chocolate sheet cake... mmm. If only I was getting married again so I would have an excuse to get another fantastic cake!
Ryley must be a true CW fan- there are carrot jockeys on her giant cupcake!
Cutting into the cupcake
We had a great time. Jen signed our t-shirts, and took pictures of us for the CW blog. Hopefully we will see our pictures soon!

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Tanina said...

Oh I'm so sad I didn't get to go! I'm wishing I had just called into work, it looks like so much fun!!