23 June 2010

Sam's Birthday Party

A few days late, but... HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SAMMY!
My parents came to visit for Sam's birthday weekend. He got lots of new toys, went geocaching, and got to swim in his pool!
Heidi and Elisa came over and grilled with us. We served birthday cake right after dinner so Ryan could get to work on time. My dad helped me decorate the cake the night before.
We cut a big slice out and gave it to him. Here is a video my mom took of the carnage:

What a happy boy!


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness he is so big and so cute! I will be down the first weekedn in September- I hope that you guys are still in the area. This is so embarassing but I actually have been working on a quilt for Sam since the week before he was born! I got 90% done in 3 days and then life became insane! I am so sorry- I knew that he birthday was coming up so I actually have it out and have been looking at it. I hope that he feels better soon!- Stacey

Sue said...

WOW! He did really well with his cake. Benson is such a dainty eater. He just nibbled away on his cupcake. I can't believe our boys are already one! When did that happen?

Amanda Mae said...

He is loving that cake! Happy Bday Sammy!