06 June 2010

Scones, Clones, and Groans

Shh, don't tell Ryan, but when he gets home from work there will be delicious scones waiting for him! Actually, they are still cooling so I haven't had one yet. I just assume they're delicious.
I love Star Wars. When I hear the word "clones" I think of Star Wars. When I hear "Somebody get this big walking carpet outta my way" I think of Star Wars.
Doesn't look like it rhymes with scones, yet it does. I have a headache, hence the groans.

In other news, Sam is still officially the cutest baby I know.
In other other news... I played in my first softball game EVER on Thursday. Ryan gave me a batting lesson (I was channeling Todd Helton) on Wednesday, which was the first time I'd swung a bat since Cassi and I tried to play Calvinball in our backyard with a big red plastic bat. I am proud to say that I made it on base every time I went up to bat! I played second base (this time channeling Clint Barmes) but didn't do so well. Knowing where to throw the ball is tricky. I hope I do better this Thursday.
We don't get to have a lot of family time on the weekends because of Ryan's work schedule, but the time we do have is pretty special. This Saturday we took a nice long walk around our favorite neighborhood. When we got home we sat on a blanket in our apartment court and had popsicles! Sam got little pieces of ours, and needless to say he loved them.
Sam will be a year old in less than 2 weeks. I know this sounds cliche, but I really can't believe that my little boy has been around for so long! We love our Baby Sam so much!


Ty and Ber said...

Nice job on your batting skills. Playing in the field takes a bit longer to get use to it. Way to get out there and try new things though.
It is crazy to believe that our little ones are going to be 1 soon.

Anthony and Rene said...

GOOD JOB!!! Was that church ball? Oh how we miss the village. And can we hang out with you guys sometime? Sam is so stinkin' cute!